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Current Positions Available

Below you'll find the list of roles that we're currently looking to fill.
We have a unique culture here at Spiral Orb Designs, so please apply if you think you'd belong!

Graphic Designer


INCOME: Project-Project Basis

We're looking for our 2nd Graphic Designer skilled in business brand designing to join the Spiral Orb Designs team. Since launching our branding sector we have taken off and need to focus on growing this area. This role is a project to project basis with room for a more permanent positioning.

You'll be working directly with our clients ( small to medium business owners) to uncover/discover/evolve their branding by creating and producing logo and branding guide lines.

SKILLSET REQUIRED: Great communication skills, Confident in your craft, can handle feedback, willing to work in a team environment. Remote and in office.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Honesty, Contributor, Caring, Integral, Passionate, Creative, Professional, Punctual.

NOTE: Must have a portfolio

If you are interested in the position please send your resume, cover letter and portfolio to

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Web Designer / Developer

**Position Officially Filled 24/10/2019 **

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One Team To Help Them All

Meet Your Future Web Weavers

Tribe Values are important to us. That's why, With Spiral you'll find Individuals who shine with unique personalities.

We believe since we are heavily involved with our clients as an affordable 'online team'.
Our clients deserve to see the types of people that they will be working with closely.

David Lipschitz

David Lipschitz

Lead Web Designer
Daniella Trazzera

Josh Harrison

Lead Graphic Designer
Claudio Conte

Claudio Conte

Branding Specialist
Claudio Conte

Kate Keiley

Web Designer

Keys Elements To Consider

We value honesty and integrity above all else.
Therefore we don't tolerate deceitfulness, and unethical conducts. Spiral Orb Designs was founded off the 'pollution' of the industry and have a very 'just' sense of formality when we conduct.

We make this very clear because we value our team especially everyone's mental health. Our company succeeds because of these foundations and so please note that we're looking for the same level of respect and mutual feelings when we consider a new applicant to join our little web-weaving family.