Extension Packages

Purchase extendable development hours with our 5, 10 and 20 hour packages to get your design across the finish line.



5hr Power pack


Billed at $90/hr  -  SAVE $25

Expires after: 6 Months


10hr Zen pack


Billed at $85/hr  -  SAVE $100

Expires after: 12 Months


20hr Plenty pack


Billed at $75/hr  -  SAVE $400

Expires after: 12 Months

Key Elements To Consider

Your hours will be attributed to development work on your website and can be used in addition to your complimentary 2 wishes* a month during your maintenance period. All hours used will be clearly noted in your Trello board's 'Spiral Bank' card for your reference. You may purchase additional hourly packages at any time.

*a wish is 30 minutes of development, design, or graphic work

Design Pricings


Logo Designs

Logo designs are a personal reflection of the business brand origin and culture. It should detail the values of the business owner and the memorable impression on it's audience. A great logo becomes alignment with your vision.

Time for Design: 4 Days

Pricing: $700 - $900 + GST (50% required to start)

Includes: 1x logo, 1x Submark (secondary compliment logo) + 3x logo variations + 3x revisions

Branding Kit

A Branding Kit places all of your branding into a beautiful booklet. You will learn, see and have the assets that allow you to create your own content to be placed on your website, printing or social accounts.

Time for design: 14 days

Pricing: $1200 - $1800 + GST (50% required to start)

Includes: 1x Logo (3 variations + 3 revisions), submark (secondary smaller logo) 1x Branding Book including; branding colours, font styles, mood photos(designs/images to compliment your brand.) 1x 'Brand Your Vision' How-to-use-your-brand session.