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Setting the high standards in Graphic Design

With great vision comes great design. Here at Spiral Orb Designs we understand the importance of communication identity. This is bringing the ideas from your head into a high visual design on screen and paper. Our graphic designers are experienced in working with business, who value honesty and integrity and bring complete passion to the table.. giving you the assurance that your expectations will be beyond exceeded.

Professional Designs

Whether you have a corporate portfolio or a charity, our designers are trained and skilled in the art of design.

Passionate Designers

Our culture is developed around passionate honest and caring individuals who LOVE what they do.

Communication Experts

Communication Design is essential when working with world-changing business owners and we pride on our expertise.

Quick Turnover

You are our priority. Expect raid turn around as our Melbourne team get straight to work, to bring your vision to life.

Bring Your Visionary Brand to Life

Design Pricings


Logo Designs

Logo designs are a personal reflection of the business brand origin and culture. It should detail the values of the business owner and the memorable impression on it's audience. A great logo becomes alignment with your vision.

Time for Design: 4 Days

Pricing: $600 - $800 + GST (50% required to start)

Includes: 1x logo, 1x Submark (secondary compliment logo) + 3x logo variations + 3x revisions

Branding Boards

A branding board places all of your branding into a beautiful layout. You will learn, see and have the assests that allow you to create your own content to be placed on your website, printing or social accounts.

Time for design: 7 days

Pricing: $1000 - $1800 + GST (50% required to start)

Includes: 1x Logo (3 variations + 3 revisions), submark (secondary smaller logo) 1x Branding Book including; branding colours, font styles, mood photos(designs/images to compliment your brand.) 1x 'How to Maximize Your Brand Revamp' session.

Instagram Templates

Branding across your social networks especially instagram is crucial to cultiave great brand recognition and identity connection. We'll create 4 templates for you to use effectively.

Time for Design: 2 Days

Pricing: $350 + GST

Includes: 4 Instagram Templates + 2 revisions

Business (Digital) Cards & Assets

Whether it's a business card or your social media digital cards (your business cover and profile photos), first impressions matter and leaving a great experience to those you network or your audience digitally.

Time for design: 7 days

Pricing: $500 + GST

Includes: Business Cards and Social media cover photos for Facebook business pages. (3 variations + 3 revisions)

Key Elements To Consider

- The above hours include design and communication. We have a innovative process where our designers will communicate and work together to have more than one creative brain working on your project. Though you'll have a lead.. the purpose of this is inspire further ideas to really heighten your vision.

When you pay for cheap services or designs you are leaving the door open for stress and disappointment. The difference to why you would want to use a business-orientated design agency such as Spiral Orb Designs is because YOU MATTER. Just like we pride in our branding, logo and designs we want to give you the VERY SAME & VERY BEST back to you.

With great vision comes great branding. If you're new to Spiral Orb Designs Graphics we offer a 50% money back guarantee and you can keep all of the assests we give you. (Logo, branding, templates, cards) Whichever service you use. We want you to feel confident in your investment with us and working for the first time in our graphics design sector.

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