Horror Stories #1 – How One Aged Care Financial Planner Discovered 200k in Lost Pot

Horror Stories in Our Industries don’t come as a shock. 

In fact they’re pretty common.

We thought we would kick off our new Horror Story Segment with a client of ours that had the above experience happen.

So where do we start?

Our client had already been investing $30 into web maintenance.. which we guess is okay, but wait.. $30 every 3 months.

So $30 every 3 months for web maintenance.

This shouted a red flag.

As we have a huge routine and reporting system with our clients, taking up to an hour per client per website when fixing major bugs, we wondered what was really happening?

When our client hired us we did our usual setup audit and routine and to our knowledge discovered that there was 70 unanswered leads that were never received to the clients inbox. Each lead averaging a potential $2000-$3000 sale This added up very quickly.

We were nervous ourselves to inform the client about this massive loss.

We worked our magic and fixed up the issues that we’re happening the back end.

Fast track today. Leads have been coming through and they have recently hit Top 1 on our SEO rankings for a keyword (Typical Google Search) Which will propel that lost $200k in revenue to a much higher number.


Morale of The Horror: Please test your web site forms. If not fortnightly at least monthly.
Spiral Orb Designs conducts heavy maintenance between the 1st to the 9th of every month with a check in 10 days later. This ensures that while we’re keeping a site clean, up to date, compressed and in working order. That we maximize the chances of avoiding lost potential lead generation.

Until Next Time,

Spiral ‘Spooky’ Orbs Design

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