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An Exciting Experience on the History of the Golden Orb Weaver,
and why we do what we do for our clients & developers.

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The webs of most Nephila spiders are complex, with a fine-meshed orb suspended in a maze of non-sticky barrier webs. As with many weavers of sticky spirals, the orb is renewed regularly if not daily, apparently because the stickiness of the orb declines with age. When weather is good, Nephila often rebuild only a portion of the web. The spider will remove and consume the portion to be replaced, build new radial elements, then spin the new spirals. Typically, the golden orb-weaver first weaves a non-sticky spiral, with space for two to twenty more spirals in between (the density of sticky spiral strands decreases with increasing spider size). When she has completed the coarse weaving, she returns and fills in the gaps. Whereas most orb-weaving spiders remove the non-sticky spiral when spinning the sticky spiral, Nephila leave it. This produces a "manuscript paper" effect when the orb is seen in the sun: groups of sticky spirals reflecting light with "gaps" where the non-sticky spiral does not reflect the light.

The golden silk orb weaver targets many different organisms as prey, ranging from small flies and beetles to larger cicadas and locusts. As a result of their strong web structure small birds and bats can also become trapped and fed upon. Whilst most of the captured prey is relatively small compared to Nephila sp the majority of biomass consumed comes from larger more rare prey. Prey larger than 66% of the captors size accounts for just 16.5% of prey captured but 85% of prey consumed, indicating the spider is selective in its feeding habits. Throughout the maturation process spiders exhibit different feeding behaviours relative to their web type. Originally after birth the spiderlings inhabit a communal web and eat dead siblings and dead prey but do not attack any live organisms. After they move to individual webs the spiderlings begin to attack small live prey. As they increase in size they become more ambitious in their prey capture attempts through larger and stronger webs and greater attack confidence.

When males are fully mature they leave their webs to search for a suitable female, often using web characteristics to identify potential mates. Females are most likely to mate after their final molt at the beginning of adulthood and later in adulthood when they are feeding.There are often multiple males attempting to court the same female and thus competition for territory on the web occurs but is rarely physical as smaller males surrender area to larger ones. When males approach females they are often feeding, allowing the males to get closer without an aggressive response and also meaning the female is not moving. The male makes himself known by tapping on a web strand to ensure the female is amenable before proceeding to mate. When met with aggression males will stop approaching and remain in the same location until the female relaxes or they retreat. Females engage in multiple mating but there is no benefit to the offspring as a result; however the energy cost of repelling a male is higher than allowing him to copulate.

Spiral Orb Web Weavers

Our mission is to spiral creative, professional websites without financially taking advantage of our clients & giving our Australian-based creative developers the freedom from stress that comes with the industry.


We ensure that artistry is a major reflection of your website. Being creative with colours, clever with your content and allowing a stunning visual representation to your business and aiding in conversion.


Our developers are australian based and with that are also trained in communicating with you directly with the upmost respect, values, and intent towards your finished spiral website. No longer deal with unreliability.


This is a personal value. Spiral Orb Designs was created to put the developer & the client first. No more expensive websites, charging pointless fees, paid-less jobs for developers. You both come first.

From the Client's Perspective

  • Instant Communication

    You’ll have direct contact to your developer, allowing instant updates pop up right on your phone. Our management app is live as soon as you type, change or upload the developer can see it all instantly! This ends the nightmare and time wasting of back and forth emails. You’ll even be speaking to your developer right from facebook if you’d like. That is how confident we are with our promise!

  • Constant Accountability

    Your developer will never forget about you. You’ll be reminded regularly for updates, reviews and requirements. It is your responsibility to get the requested to your developer. The payment is the same, how much it gets utilized is completely up to you. Take our offer to your advantage, we’ll be keeping you accountable so your new spiral web gets finished ASAP!

  • Australian Developers

    Yep. All of our developers work in Australia. Same time-zones with people who understand your web needs making for an efficient end product. You’ll be able to meet your developer in person once a month which is optional for the hour. A phone call could suffice but we can agree just knowing that you’re not working with outsourced people who care about getting it done and getting paid over your business is refreshing!

  • Monthly Strategy Session

    You’ll spend an hour a month catching up with your developer. In person, skype, or over the phone to discuss strategies on how to improve your online presence & conversions. This is an optional session and isn’t always required. However you can feel comfort in knowing your sought for and that you havehis added bonus as a feature to your new awaiting spiral site.

  • Save Heaps of Money

    We’ve seen people charge stupid fees for simple set ups. You can rest assure what you are paying for and what you are getting is the best you’ll find. Spiral Orb Designs was built apart on the foundation of being sick of seeing developers take advantage of their clients by quoting ridiclous prices. This is very common with the baby boomers of business as the cost of back end tech will most likely remain unkown to the individuals. We PROMISE YOU that you’ll never be taken advantage of, that is not our culture and neither is greed. We want to see you succeed and contribute your way to society, living your passions!



From the Developer's Perspective

  • No More Stress

    Our developers are paid in full upon beginning their web project. This ensures the creation process is done without fear of receiving payment, which energetically would otherwise create unnecessary pressure and stress during the building process and guaranteeing a beautiful finish from start to finish.

  • Mutual Input Between Client & Developer

    Our management system ends the unfair relationship between client, developer and product. Both parties are equally responsible of utilizing the app and being called to action when requirements, reviews & updates are due. Client has paid half. Developer has been paid in full. No nonsense, just a professional promise with a professional service.

  • We have integrity

    We do not take advantage of the lack of knowledge and skills a client may lack when it comes to websites. No hidden costs. No stupid quotes. Our integrity is built on the foundation that we are here to serve, doing what we love and doing it extremely well. We vaule our clients and their business.

  • University focused Contributors

    Spiral orb designs contributes by providing university students the opportunity to work part time with their studies. Teaching developer’s the skills and values in order to serve clients with incredible intentions, professional manners, and skills to advance their lives moving forward.

  • Digital Nomads

    As developers we go everywhere with our laptops, to enjoy a nice coffee in a beautiful cafe, or a new work place every day. Our developer’s have the luxury to work from where ever they please and allow a great lifestyle to travel and work, giving them peace of mind, and producing quality products. Feel free to meet up with them as you’llfind a great relationship unfold together!

Just like the Golden Orb Weaver,
we pride in making beautiful, strong,
shiny webs for our amazing clients


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