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Hosting Packages suited for all businesses.

The Business Starter

We released the Business Saver Package to give our clients a premium service and end the war between overseas servers with little support. This Package is best suited for start ups and business owners who manage their emails extremely well (Inbox clean ups etc)

The Business Builder

This Package is best suited for business owners who have a high interaction with their website & emails. Offering Unlimited emails, if your business relys on heavy email traffic. This package will give you all the storage to support your work and allow you the freedom to easily create multiple sites.

The Business Architect

Designed for the business owner (or couple) who have multiple websites and emails connected to their brands. This is the one umbrella to keep all of your business under our local Australian Spiral Servers. To qualify for the business architect we’ll have to conduct a free analysis.

How to Determine
Which Pack is For You!

We'll give you a break down of what's included.

1. Pick a Pack that suits your business needs by leaving your details within the form.

2. We’ll get in touch with you to see if you qualify for your chosen package. Once done, we’ll process payment.

3. We’ll begin setting up your account & migrating (if applicable) and have your site enjoy great aussie speeds.

Depending on the size of your site, a fee of $99 + gst may apply for migration.
We'll give you an honest review and try to avoid this fee as best as we can.

  • How are the storage spaces filled?

    Your average 8 page website takes up about 250-500 MB depending on the content on your site. When you see companies give away a lot of space it’s usually entice you. The other areas storage space is mainly used for is storing your emails. If you have thousands of emails built up under your host, you may just be paying extra on your hosting for your storage space. What makes us different is we’ll keep you accountable for regular bi-yearly clean ups. Making sure that minimizing your business files. We all like a clean office!

  • 100% Australian Based

    How good is it knowing we are 100% Australian-based. This means we understand the market, can collab with your business efficiently and deliver quality & optimum content, support, when required. We’ll remain loyal to you always.

  • You'll never have to deal with the tech team. EVER.

    We represent you on your hosting that means we’ll never directly need to work with you when our tech team may require your attention or you need to wait hours each time on the phone, trying to figure out on getting something sorted. Your Spiral team will always do the heavy lifting, you just give the magic approval on whatever you require!

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You Request, We Do The Heavy Lifting!

Never Deal With Support Yourself!

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Our Tech Team Are All Here In Australia!

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