Community. Creativity. Caring.

What the Spiral Orb team share in talent, also share in values.
We're a tribe who look out for one another, with ideas, support, and contribution. Come meet us!

What we stand for



We will openly speak about how horrible the web development and maintenance industry really is. It is one of those industry that the business world can only see it as a grey area and not knowing what actually entails behind the scenes leading to easy prey for business. You can rest assure every minute we invest is over delivering in value.


We value ourselves as much as we value our clients. We're in the business of service and this includes supporting your business in it's success, charging for what's fair without taking advantage. We pay our developers in FULL before they begin a job. We go above and beyond for the people involved with us.


Our goal is to give back. Spiral Orb Designs is in the business of giving. Though we're primarily a web designing company, we're so much more. We're consistently innovating ideas on how to give more to our loyalty members, and our team. We're a young company with high ambitions to contribute to the world.

One Team To Help Them All

Real. Raw. Authentic.

Meet The Web Weavers

Tribe Values are important to us. That's why, With Spiral you'll find Individuals who shine with unique personalities.

We believe since we are heavily involved with our clients as an affordable 'online team'.
Our clients deserve to see the types of people that they will be working with closely.

David Lipschitz

Creative at the Core
Lead Designer

Nadine Teffaha

Compassionate from the Soul
Project Manager / Client Representative

Claudio Conte

Minimalist at Heart
Director / Digital Strategist

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