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What If You Could Actually Have A Design Team Who Actually Cares?

Here's a quick story: Once upon a time before Spiral existed, there lived (and still lives) another business. This business got very busy, very fast and needed to outsource it's website needs. This business learned the deep dark secrets of the web and the annoying power of cheap outsource but expensive costs to the "middle-man". This business was not happy. and so, from the ashes of the smokey burn the industry left on it.. Up rose the phoenix of the Golden Orb.

Spiral Orb Designs was born with a vengeance that no other business would ever have to deal or suffer again.

1. Audition Call

We start by getting to know each other. Yep. Beautiful connection. In this call we determine what your business needs for your website and online are. You'll get an honest overview on what you need, solutions to the challenges you may be facing (or will come up) followed by an estimate for quote.

2. Proposal Quote

If you pass the audition call and we can help your business, you will receive a beautiful 25 page proposal that holds your business, quote and needs inside. You'll also find everything you need to know about websites and what to expect. This is a golden Resource regardless if you choose to work with us.

3. Project Management

Our project manager will give you a call to introduce herself. You'll also receive your deposit invoice and a form to fill out. From here you're introduced to your new app where you can directly communicate and log everything with your designers. If you have other team members they too can join the app!

4. Your Designer

Our Lead designer will contact you once your form is filled (or by your project start date) out. Their role is to build rapport with you and really hone in on what you vision to bring to life. We call this a collaboration because you are 100% involved every step of the way. You flick the wand and we make it happen.

5. Development Phase

This phase will take us from 2-4 weeks and completely dependent on how fast you deliver requested content to us. Your project manager will be there to support both you and your developer. To keep you accountable we offer a $100 cashback to our clients who get their s*** sorted within the month. 😉

6. Audit Inspections

Once your website is completed we run through a two-phase audit inspection on desktop & mobile to ensure that your website is running optimally on both. We test front end links and correct any bugs or issues that are caught out. Once completed we then present your site to you and wait with anticipation on your thoughts.

7. Back-end Setup

Front-end design is one aspect. We need to prepare your site for SEO (if you choose to go down that route), google analytics, security software, backups, performance and speed optimisation to ensure a quick website. You'll also be allowed to have a massive 8 hours of updates as 95% of business request new pages, designs and even blog content layout.

8. On-Going Maintenance

We can't stress the importance of on-going maintenance. It is a common issue where we face clients who come to us after having no maintenance and have that many issues they may as well pay for a new website. It also avoids stolen traffic, leads, and hacks. As a web design client you'll be offered a 10% monthly discount rate if you design with us.(See maintenance for more information)

Invest In a Team Once & Be Satisfied For Life

The Two Different Types Of Design & Builds


Simple Builds

Most business require a 8-12 page website. A simple build is classified as a website that doesn't have too many internal pages and click-through. Our website is classified as a simple build and majority of builds fall under this category.

Average Time for Builds: 12-15 hours.

Average Pricing: $1800 - $2400

Includes: 1 month build + 2 months Support and Update Requests.
1x 1.5 hr Digital Business Strategy Session - Maintenance Phase.

Complex Builds

A complex build are websites that require a lot of sub-pages to showcase major client projects, or internal funnel setups to differentiate leads. This category usually fits for business that have been around a while and do big things.

Average Time for Builds: 25-35.

Average Pricing: $3200 - $5500

Includes: 2 month build + 2 months Support and Update Requests.
1x 1.5 hr Digital Business Strategy Session - Maintenance Phase.

Keys Elements To Consider

- The Average time for builds is literally considered as design & development only. It doesn't take into consideration communication time, project management, maintenance inspections, audits, further updates and requests, which can add a 10-15 hrs on simple build projects and a 20-30 hr add on to a complex build project. (These hours are already accounted for within the pricing)

When you pay for cheap services or designs you are leaving the door open for stress and disappointment. The complexity of each project needs to have 3 people behind it. We include 4 to ensure client satisfaction and work-flow progression.

Lastly Spiral Orb Designs business profits are inside the completion invoice. (Your second half of the invoice) We've designed the business this way so that every project is taken with the absolute care because we rely on this payment for our continual survival and growth. This ensures that everyone on the team is always being critical and not face lack of motivation or inspiration. We are human beings after all and being considerate of what we're capable of doing and not doing is a highlight we take onboard seriously.

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